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Scottish Politics and Independence
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It's all Nicola's fault!!
Scottish leaders debate
In Scotland we are "The ragged trousered philanthropist
The political climate in Scotland where...
Treeza uses "WE" when it should be "I"
Westminter needs to control our resources :(
Indyref2? We've already had it!
indy2..the press release from bute house
In Out shake it all about: Scottish EU Membership
SNP ‘preparing to drop’ full EU membership policy
Trident: Malfunctions happen!
Police Scotland cannot reclaim £76m VAT
Brexit: So now we know!!
Long Grass and Unionist Constitution Donalda
Not The 9 o'clock News... Donalda
Reality Check
Jeremy Corbyn rejects 'new Act of Union'
When the Wind of Change is blowing...
2016 and all that!
Scottish Independence: England's Shameful Secret
Flybe suspends Dundee-Amsterdam flights
Brexit: The Dirty Tricks have started
Not normal-Eh?
Feel the lurve peepul
For... The Record?!
BREXIT... If "I" May?
The Irony of Nicola’s stand on Hard Brexit.
democracy does not serve to change borders
Who is likely to succeed Nicola?
Has Labour just signed up for Dignitas?
Is “Negotiation” anywhere in the SNP’s Lexicon?
An Exercise in Futility.
Gordon Brown's promise of new powers after a "NO"
Indiref 2
No Nicola: You are very, very wrong!
Who will be the real fool in the Court of Westminster?
Is Nicola right to cling to EU membership?
Indyref II statement from Mr Cameron.
I know a lot 'cause Dad was a Jock like yous.
I don't think so
SNP has it all...
Ketzia: “My final answer is: Maybe”!!
[And the will of the Scottish people is.......?]
Second chamber at Holyrood? Direct democracy VETO better!
Council Tax
EU or Eeyore?
SNP,lets be honest,have they been good for scotland
Labour threatens mass resignation.
Radio Show on LBC
2015 our scotland awards
happy new year
Kezia is m' "Darling", the young Chevalier...
DJT and the RGU
syrian air strikes
Update II
NHS deficit soars to £1.6bn
Whingers or Winners?
Re: "The Vow"
Scottish Independence Referendum - Episode 2.
SNP need to consider a second referendum
Scotland plc - under new management.
ruth davidson
Ah... "The Vow" was "Devo-Max" for Engla
Too wee and too poor... because of "union"?
Jeremy Corbyn: Need Nicola Tremble?
The EU and the Human Tide
cameron and yorkshire
Could we see the return of Nasty Scottish Tory MPs.
TNS Poll shows support for Independence at 47% - 42% Against
Media Bias
John Howard taunts independence supporters
STV poll on Independence Vote
Is the Game up on Scottish Independence?
where have all the teachers gone?
The Communist Party Stages Theory in relation to Scotland.
Kezia Dugdale and Jeremy Corbyn
19th September George Square
SNP at 62% in opinion poll from TNS
Scottish Labour has passed away.
When should indyref2 take place?
Tories outfoxed: What next? Open letter to the SNP
The Scotland Bill.
SNP at 60% for Holyrood constituencies poll according to TNS
david starkey and "bill leckie"
Scottish Labour leadership election.
charles kennedy
The SNP Factor.
EU Referendum
Keep on Clapping.....
Alistair Carmichael.
Labour Party in Scotland, SLAB
murphy to resign
Snp Supporters
Fair play to Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Tories
Not another referendum........
The Smith Commission Part 2.
Jim Murphy Don't Go Please Stay
glad its all over
The Missing No voters at GE2015
Mixed Bag
Alex Salmond MP returns
4am General Election latest news SNP 38 Unionists 1
3.50am General Election latest news SNP 33 Unionists 0
3.30am General Election News SNP 25 Unionists 0
3.25 am General Election News SNP 22 Unionists 0
Jim Murphy gone. 17 - 0
3am latest General Election News SNP 16 Unionists 0
A million votes plus......
Nicola Sturgeon most popular MP in England
Ed. Milliband, Statesman or Prat.
The Nouveau SNP (Surbiton and Newmarket Party)
Postal Votes.......any word yet from the Tories
last years edinburgh parade
Secretary of State for Scotland.......from Northern Ireland
farage and foriegn aid
The Unionist Split Vote.......
Second referendum ruled out
tactical voting
Project Fear back on
Dirty Tricks.
"the tories"
referendum insights by academia
lightning does strike twice
Trident The Great Con-Trick
dealng with the underclass and their feral children
A Society Where Time Has Stood Still
Are you Registered to vote in the 2015 Election
Citizen Politics and Democracy after Scotland's referendum
Best Tory Poster since 1979
Jim Murphy, Holyrood or Westminster?
Local goverment funding
Dundee voters express their views
Ian Davidson Glasgow South West MP - Partisan or Plonker?
More savage austerity cuts in the pipeline
britains-defences-mostly-gone-urgent-replacement necessary
The Orwellian Scottish Law on Child Mentoring
The Community Charge Debt Bill
The Scottish media & the Independence referendum
the marr show
Argyll and Bute SNP
Glasgow District Council & wWest of Scotland Council Cor
Jim “Spud” Murphy (1992 – 1997) The Student Union Years
What to do now
Spud Murphy - Best let him hang himself
Breaking News – Blow For Labour Party – Kezia Dugdale Suffer
Special Advisers, (SpAd’s) A Racket Getting the Taxpayer to
Oil-Aberdeen- Hard Times-Happy Xmas
Bank of England Financial Policy and Relocation of Banking
The Queen and Better Together Campaign Were one and the Same
Iain McKenzie Inverclyde MP Elected as a Clean Pair of Hands
Jim Spud Murphy- Love Him or Hate Him -He is Not Returning t
Inverclyde – Scandals, Financial Incompetence, Mismanagement
Jim Murphy wins Labour Leadership
Smith Agreement could see Scots paying twice over
The National.
Outrage as Scots 'rob' the Queen of £2.1 million.....
After Scotland's Indyref: Proposals for better democracy
Gerry Hassan: Indyref - 12 hard truths
Curran: Nicola Sturgeon wants to sound Labour..
The One That Got Away.....
Fork handles...
Michael McCann MP-South Lanarkshire-Not a good record
£14bn plan to share Scots water with England
Glasgow and Lanarkshire MP's Under the Spotlight
SNP should top up benefits, says Gordon Brown
Carmichael: Nicola Sturgeon must tackle inequality
Referendum -Who won?
Cabinet Reshuffle.
Scotland at the ready:
May 2015.
Stewart Hosie elected deputy leader of SNP
Mr Salmond's last FMQs
Len McCluskey says Jim Murphy “divisive” figure
Let them eat cake too!
Do you remember?
The "love bombing" keeps on coming...
Independent Vs independence:
A change of heart so soon?
Lamont Gone
Politics Today.......Lloyd Quinan
Is SNP Scotland bust?
Westminster's Scottish referendum debate.
Image still tilted
Salmond demands Treasury 'leak' probe
Brown urges Tories to get radical on devolution
Ye’ll have had yer Democracy, then?
smith commission
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