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Global Politics
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Opposite attract!
falklands plan"b"
'Insult Turkey's Erdogan' contest
Are We getting closer to WWIII?
Who should be the Republican nominee for US President?
Greece reach agreement with creditors over bailout
Who should lead the free world? Clinton or Bush?
Putin is a Real Cool Dude
Tony Abbott awards a knighthood to Prince Philip
Israeli security forces spray 'Skunk' at Palestinian homes
A Bedtime Story , The "kidnapping" of Cpl Gilad Sh
Out of the carnage of Gaza : .... we are all Palestinians
The Myth of Anti-Semitism
The Jews cheering after a Palestinain School is Bombed
On Gaza, genocide, and impunity
You couldn't make it up
Missing Malaysian Plane explained
I take back what I said about Faslane
F'ck off Obama!
If You want to know a Secret
Russia has invaded Ukraine
Winter Olympics Sochi , Blood in the Ground
No EU Referendum in 2017
Syria, a clear case for humanitarian intervention.
CIA Leak gives Evidence that 9/11 was a Set-Up
Why is there all this Hype about Nelson Mandela?
Syria, the suffering and the death just goes on..and on
U.S.Gun laws
The Zionists resent being snubbed
It was probably the Israelis who did it
Suffer little children to come unto me
Annonymous Strikes again
Israel the War Criminal and Terrorist Nation
Will the Egyptian Army shoot the Egyptian People?
Breizh United - promoting Breton unity
Global Revolution
Israeli Apartheid
Boston Marathon Bombings
Fascist Alert! - The Breton far-right
mugabe and new pope
Rachel Corrie Remembrance Day
The Pervert who supported Israel
For a bilingual TV station in Brittany
Royal suicide
Overdue apology.
A close look at the Syrian revolution
Presidential Race
Vasili Arkhipov saved your life
Viva Chavez! Ending the darkness though socialism
The Telegraph advises Spain to be "very careful"
Cameron prepares His Government for WWIII
Get Blair arrested for His War Crimes
Catalonia is a country on the Mediterranean - official
Will Syria Break Up?
A Present for Aventinian
Arab racists' mistreatment of migrant workers
France elections
Time We brought this Global Warming Panic into Question
A Vote of No Confidence in Europe
The world needs to kick its addiction to finance
British Embassy in Buenos Aires gets attacked
Admission that WMD did not exist
Mali rebellion caused by Gaddafi's former black mercenaries
worth a look?
Women-led Mosques
Women against shariah
Expert: no evidence for Unionist claims
Syria - the situation just gets worse..and worse
Asia's Surprising Democratic Renaissance
Put Blair and Brown in the dock
Bohemian Grove
More than stupid world championship!
The Panama Deception - George Bush Senior,Murderer,Terrorist
The U.S. Security Stakes in Scottish Independence
Bill Clinton born in Great Britain Churchill was his father
My view on the Falklands/Malvinas dispute
Multiculturalism global warming
Whitney Houston is Dead
Europe asked to monitor Scottish referendum
UK faces EU re- negotiation over Scottish independence
Living-better-together in a world of peace!
Look at This
Nigerian Scams
Labour MP racist and so stupid!
Scientists Propose Drastic Calendar Change
Obituaries: Kim Jong IL
Supporting the Palestinian People
Israel: Rogue State or at the Height of Brinkmanship?
Australia to ditch UK monarchy
Message from Gaza
Well that's a Relief to know
What's the Problem with Turkey?
Ireland's Democratic Nazi Party
Houston Police gas Protesters
Pros and cons of the membership of Ukraine in the EU
Syria's gross human rights abuses - why the silence?
Letís open the door to the European Union
Libya: a Black American view
The Economics of Libyan Regime Change
There can be no "free and fair" elections in this
1 in 16777216 that this rumor is true or false?
On this day in 1963 approx. ?!
The Democratic Renaissance and its Meaning: Conclusion
Does European Parliament still support deepening of Ukraine-
Ukraine and the Kyoto protocol?
The Democratic Renaissance and its Meaning/Part 2
How to loot an elephant
Will Israel attack Iran?
So, what is the principal Mr. Martensís goal?
Sincerest condolences on the birth of your baby
Armed conflict in Tripoli
NATO's Refugees
The Democratic Renaissance and its Meaning/Part 1
NATO's alleged reason for intervening in Libya was a failure
NATO countries to steal 30 thousand dollars from each Libyan
The need to get Streetwise on Wall Street
Sighs of Relief in Washington, Westminster, and Benghazi
Greece - What does it all mean?
A Democratic Renaissance Springs Forth into its Second Year
Gaddafi loyalists and Libya NTC trade fire in Tripoli
Anger against Libya's new rulers
IS this what "democracy" looks like?
Tony Blair faces calls for greater transparency
Oil together now: Lessons on nationalisation from Norway
Rebel Leader Warns of New Dictatorship
One Big Step forward to a Globalist Fascist State
Final Solution in Tawargha
Al Jazeera on Libyan Racism
Murder and Torture by Both Sides
NATO worried
The Transitional Council faces growing unrest
Michael Moore
A criminal conspiracy to pervert the course the justice?
Libya: Now the battles begin
Great news for Africa: Killer Mugabe has prostate cancer
W.P.C. Yvonne Fletcher
African Workers Live In Fear
Al Qaeda and NATO on the same side (for now)
A "Revolution" disgraced by racism
Libyan Atrocities Against Black People
The Democratic Renaissance in Canada...A Tax No More
Libya: What about the South ?
Libyan Ethnic Cleansing of Black People
End of Gaddafi welcome but doesn't justify the means
ANSWER: The truth about the situation in Libya
The Cat's Out of the Bag...SCCRC report.
Libya - is this the endgame?
USA loses its AAA credit rating
Nobody Expects...
Syria: massacres, torture, repression - anyone ?
SS rally gets government support in Estonia
Recent Events in Norway, the Manifesto and North Sea Oil
Terror attack in Norway and the far right
African democratic renaissance spreads to Malawi
Israelis not welcome in Thailand
South Sudan gains independence
New Documentary about the Lockerbie Trial
Medal of Freedom for Chancellor Merkel
Breton Reunification Now
Germany phase out nuclear plants
Turning Point
Gordon Brown and the IMF job: a stitch-up?
Towards a democratic renaissance in Ethiopia
Swiss voters reject ban on assisted suicide for foreigners
West Complicit in Bahraini Suppression of Democracy
Worries about the Arab Democratic Renaissance
In 20 years of abuse, this is the worst I've seen
Barack Obama birth certificate
Setback for regime
Economic prospects
More "western" hypocrisy
Bahrain regime attacks UK-based students
The Democratic Renaissance Marches on in Iceland
President Obama to stand in 2012
US warcrimes in Afghanistan
The Arab World is one big tyranny
Bashar al-Assad Will Not Survive the Democratic Renaissance
Why Libya is different....
Nationalism & Europe
Why the fate of democracy is at stake
The Democratic Renaissance Invades Saudi Arabia March 11
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities
The Brits and Libya
Jim Swire on the latest Megrahi story
Egypt's revolution has just begun
The Democratic Renaissance Brings Down the Pharaoh of Egypt
Twenty Reasons Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere
France rocked by news of aid to Tunisia and Egypt
The familiar events in Egypt
Report from Egypt
The Arabic world is on fire: dialogue with Syrian anarchist
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