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UK and Ireland Politics
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"The UK may yet not see out the decade."
Daisly Mail
The long awaited...
A UK trade deal with Trump?
Just good copperin'
Just good friends really, but not Spain
Jo Cox
This stinks.
Who knew?
Boy of 12 hauled out of class by police
smoke and mirrors
Student protest in London.
If this Song was Marketed then it would get to Number 1
Camoron in Perspective
poppy day
Northern Autonomous Region for Indigenous Tribes
Look beyond “lurid” stories to Lord Ashcroft tax scandal
you couldn't make it up
The Rise of Jeremy Corbyn
Two bald men arguing over a comb AKA LibDem leadership
Should Labour oppose Tory benefit cuts?
The Tories have second thoughts on EVEL plan
UK Labour leadership nominations close
Proposed pay rise for MPs.
Gay Marriage passed in Ireland
Scotand and Northern England
Roy Mason (Lord Mason of Barnsley) passed away
a new low
The British PM keeps nice Company
more suggestions of politicians for hire
politicisation the civil service
fuel costs and duty
The Critics of the Tory Government were right after all
Cut Backs Anyone?
EIT.... aka TORTURE.
getting better together
Latest UK debt figures
George Galloway swearing
Is he too poor for buying Cocaine?
British air strikes against Isis expected tonight
Ukip donor calls for English referendum
Regionalist front of Dumnonia
An Obituary for Rev Ian Paisley
Lib Dem defection
UN to investigate.....
UK is a rogue State
What a Joke, Ha, Ha, Ha LOL
Are any of the Tories pround of this One?
is alastair darling still a republican?
tory policy at work
Mass Media Cover-up of ant-Zionist London Demo
Lib Dems in another U turn
The Lady who rubbished a Fatty
More repressive Anti Terror Legislation from Westminster
Coulson attacked in Prison
Loss of Credibility in the British Establishment
Westminster's Plan to force Smart Meters uipon us
The Archnutter/fruitcake has been telling us this for Ages
Ed Milibrand is a loser the SNP MUST take advantage of this
Cornish recognised as national minority
Brits bad Scots good!
Budget 2014
The Chilcott Enquiry - The War in Iraq
Royal Scroungers
UK Pay Rising In Real Terms - Coalition
The Ratbag doesn't like it
Create a Cornish Assembly Petition
It will most likely stay....
People's Voice reporting on Gearge Osbourne
UKIP MEP Loses Whip
Japan and their "winning" Olympic bid
Buck House
Is Davie Cameron a Transexual...
Commonwealth status 'not automatic'
Cameron's Bad Back
EDL Website Hacked And Taken Down By Anonymous Hacktivists
ALERT!!! New Tory Bill
This is Shocking
The Tories
The 'J' Word
Bank of England sold stolen gold for Nazis
Another One is Born
Was The Olympics Worth It?
Britain is failing Wales, Scotland and the regions.
There is no such thing as Unemployed People....
Unhealthy Intrusion forced into Our Homes
Thatcher was in favour of Ethnic Cleansing
Thatcher dies on day DLA died
Maggie Thatcher is now dead
Huhne gets sentenced
The War Criminal is not happy about Scottish Independence
TV Licence Dodger got off the Hook
UK loses its AAA debt rating
Cameron's U - turn on Mali
Another Recession
MPs 32% Salary Increase
English Is Not Enough from the Wessex Regionalists
Will it be the SNP that damn Cornwall's border?
Lest we forget
Attack on the EU - from the Left
Bichard,Pilchard and Pratt
Osborne Off The Rails
Chief Whip Resigns
Scottish Comment 18th October 2012
Cameron energy promise in chaos
Universal Credit: Disabled people 'to lose out'
McKinnon not to be extradited
Free Wales End London Rule
Scottish Comment 19th September 2012
Sic transit gloria mundi
TUC call to leave the EU
The strange case of Julian Assange
Oh Danny Boy
How the Olympics suckered the "left"
A Lie? Or, worse still, the truth?
Despite this Summer's high tide of Britishness.....
Give this Man compassionate Release.
Sterling "must cut both ways": EU Official
Cameron's Tax Tangle
A Wee Presie for the Scottish Republicans
Free Marian Price
Queen Elizabeth Is A Bloated Parasite!
Olympic Disaster
Queen recognises Cornish nation
Warning - Don't visit the London Olympics
Ireland's small-town solution to euro uncertainty:
Olympic ethnic cleansing of London
Ed Miliband set for decision on Europe referendum
Compulsory Vacinations?
That un-productive place
Gordon Brown declared war on News International
Robert Burns: Terrorist
Ozzy throws away another £10bn
Mebyon Kernow feedback wanted
Damm Autoplay
Prescription charges increase
George Galloway back in at Westminster
Protester almost killed by Police faces Jail
Won't somebody think of the English?
Gorbachev said the European Union is the New European Soviet
Hitler Was a British Agent - Bill Clinton born in Britain
Pensioners fail to claim Their Benefits
The English no go Drug Cities
When David Icke threw down the Gauntlet to Gordon Brown
A Brief Argument for English Independence
Prescot to apply for Top Cop Job
The British Establishment Strikes Back
UK Constitutional Law: "The Contested Constitution"
The London Pigs allow a Scumbag to Drive into Protesters
Immigration of Muslims puts our culture at risk
Leanne's campaign for Plaid leadership off to a good start
Not a "Great Leader"
Fancy that!
No Scottish Mourning for Thatcher
A Presentation of Bullshit
Interview with Retired Surgeon David Halpin (Dr David Kelly
Alex Salmond is wanted in Pyongyang
Clegg reveals deep coalition split in PM's use of veto
a future Nordic Scotland?
Stewart Lee on Carkson
Seek and Ye Shall Find Truth
On this day in 1990 politics in the UK changed?
Unionism In Crisis
They've been conned
Muslim fascists, Crusader fascists
Duchy of Cornwall - The Royal Scam
UK cyber attacks
"Can we please pass this law?" "No, I don't l
Cameron's Politically Correct Cut Backs
Charlie campaigns to save Transylvania's Forests
Michael D Higgins is new Irish President
Double Dip Recession but Top Directors get 49% Pay Rise
The realities of national identity in these isles
A rich irony in Tories being transfixed by Europe again
British soldiers accused of sex assault on Iraqi boy
British soldiers in Afghanistan shown 'war snuff movies'
Dale Farm: Travellers win injunction delaying eviction
UKIP Confirming the trend
A Moderate Suggestion
Europe's newest country
England is now a Police State
Tuition Fees
Cameron uses riots to target 'feckless' poor people
Reflections on the English riots
Mis-spent youths
Why are most of the rioters black?
Anarchists respond to the London riots
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