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General Banter
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World War 2 Pill Box Outside Forfar
Birnam Garden In Perthshire
Royal Hotel Dunkeld Scotland
brexit plan
Peter Pans Grave In Kirriemuir Scotland
Pictish Standing Stones in Aberlemno in Scotland
Edzell In Scotland
Scottish Potato Pickers In The 1970s
Arora Boliaris In Scotland
Butlins Ayr In Scotland
Kirriemuir In Scotland
Forfar Loch In Scotland
Dundee In Scotland
spell check
sanctioned with extreme prejudice
Date & place
the last english poachers
it made me laugh!
Victory speech
British Passport
A***hole of the year award
for switherers, maybes and the undecided
David Cameron - in his bunker
troll goes mainstream
Mixed Marriage
Buy Real EU/USA/UK/Canadian Passports,Driverís License,ID Ca
Military Tattoo..Final Post!
Sir Cliff Richard
Can this sort of thing actually be done with Photoshop?
The morality of dishonesty
A Real Scot
Help for a 80yo on Birthday!
Scotland - Highlands 2014
Forces of Darkness
Military Tattoo... again!
BBC Black Watch: A Soldier's Story Full DVD
Should the rest of the UK have a referendum as well?
DR who
Tattoo .. again!
New Starz series -- Outlander
I am going on a Pilgrimage for a Miraculous Healing
Butlins Ayr In Scotland
Butlins Ayr In Scotland
Happy World Whisky Day
Highlander TV shows and movies.
Yippie! its snowing
Happy New Year
the hobbit
unemployment figures
spot the difference competition
The Colonials
The English Royal Navy Girls
Finding the perfect wedding dresses for yourself
Eurovision, Russia 2012
Talking of "Artists"!?!
The English part 2
The English
National Symbols
Englan....erm BRITIN's got talent
WTF is all this about?
Titanic passengers 'had feet'
Black Watch
We are All Something Greater
Best Scottish recipes
Scotland The World Over
Is racism only a matter of colour?
Old bagpipes
Penguins & bagpipes
Buenos Aires - has anybody been?
Happy New year
Finding a recording
Hurricane Bawbag !
Pat Condell's Godless Comedy
no or know or no. title
My son is going to visit Scotland, please some advices!
Do you believe in karma?
How to deal with Cyberbullies on forums?
Highlander - the remake
Edinburgh Tattoo
Favourite WMD craic
Question about railway
YMCA and Healthy Families
Danny MacAskill...
creating your own google web site.....
don't tap the glass!!
ITV's Quiz Show THE CHASE is coming to Glasgow
Happy Hollidays
Learn Festive Phrases in different languages
The Wake Up Call
Dizzy Gillespie
Cit Coet Caledon
Welcome Breagha Medi
A Great and Terrible King
Natural Energy
the old ones are the best....
100,000 articles
Brian Sullivan
sometimes I could scream
Reading about Whisky
Interested in Robert Burns?
christian soldiers
Jonathan Meade's Off Kilter
What do men and women look for in each other?
There's a certain logic to it
It's been nice knowing you.
Floridian calls 911, hoping for ride to bar
count down
Happy New Year!
The Singing Sensation
Glasgow -16C
Happy Xmas to all!
Xmas dinner
The compulsory "it's been snowing" thread
Hangover cure
Favourite malt whisky.
Xmas cards
Perth - What's it like to live?
Days of the week
On the dole advise..
Quote of the day.
Anti PC corner.
What is it?
The Star Wars Holiday Special
An American Hero
Bad Jokes
Odd News
Literal Eclipse of the Heart
Michael Jackson's big finale.
Choose a quote for the Holyrood Wall
To fix the economy
BBC - The UK's favourite poet? Vote here...
Move to Kirkcaldy
remember the 96
Can Other Animals Be Gay Too?
Jerry Sadowitz...
A - Z Places anywhere in the world
Mangina vs. Bug (bug wins)
Bailout Brown, a game for all the family to play!
Top 50 Bushisms
Happy New Year
Celebrity Big Brother
Greetings from the future
Bliadhna Mhath Ur
Happy New Year From
Santa Tracker
pest PMs
letter from Osama
Important health advisory
The 'I don't give a flying...' thread
Blackleaf won't be too happy!...
"Our Scotland"
Things Worth Knowing
Witches Brew
TV programmes
General Banter about Scots History for the Cool People
general banter
Poor Moderator
Great Names
Things That will Never Happen
the childish spats
Abandon hope all ye thin skinned people when you enter here.
Funny Stories
Xmas is coming.
American Elections.
From a co-worker's BLOG. . .
I'm devastated because ....
Halloween ............
What Riles You Up?
Family Tree
The Joys of Autumn ...........
Men act like dogs
Caledonia's Been Everything I've Ever Had
The Credit Crunch
Standup Comedians
Top 10 Cities
The baby!
Redneck love poem
A message for,International Disturbed peoples day
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