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Poll shows Scots support Gaelic and Scottish Studies

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Red Justice
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:18 pm    Post subject: Poll shows Scots support Gaelic and Scottish Studies  Reply with quote

Great report in Newsnet Scotland online about the Gaelic language and a recent poll conducted by the Scottish Government. And I am one of the 13% who have some knowledge of the language.

What is encouraging is the plans by the Scottish Government to introduce Scottish studies into schools. Language and education about culture, heritage, history and literature etc is all important to our self identity and where we came from as Scots through the ages.

I was sent privately to a Catholic school in Dumfries and learned nothing. Latin studies did not interest me nor did British history. And who the hell was Lord Palmerston anyway? It did not interest me or capture my imagination. It was only Palmerston Park in Terregles Street in Dumfries I cared about which is home to Queen of the South FC.

However I was an avid reader and gained my education and qualifications after I left school and studied for years in Further Education.

Scottish studies is essential in this age of Devolution and eventual Independence. For this to be on the school curriculum would be another step forward in the modern history of our Scottish nation.

And why not there be studies on Scottish Revolutionary John MacLean ? And Scotland as a post war history on working class struggle for example Red Clydeside.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that the Scottish Government are in a position to make progress on the educational front.
Slan agus beannachd
Scottish Republic/Poblachd na h-Alba

See Below

by a Newsnet reporter

A poll conducted by TMS-BMRB on behalf of the Scottish Government has found that there is overwhelming support for the Gaelic language amongst the Scottish population.

81% of Scots believe that it is important that Scotland does not lose its Gaelic language traditions, and 78% stated that the language was an important part of Scottish culture. 70% of respondents said that there ought to be more opportunities to learn the language.

In a huge boost for the Scottish Government's plans to introduce Scottish Studies into schools, an overwhelming majority of those polled said that they were in favour of all school pupils learning about Scottish studies, defined as Scottish history, culture, heritage, language and literature, etc. 90% of those polled agreed with the question, with a mere 4% opposed. 86% supported the idea that school pupils should be allowed to take Gaelic as a subject if they chose.

A majority also backed a greater public presence for the language throughout the whole of Scotland. 62% believe that Gaelic should be supported and encouraged throughout Scotland whilst 68% supported greater provision of Gaelic in public notices, signs and information leaflets.

Interestingly, Scots were divided on the question of whether Gaelic is important to their sense of national identity. 40% considered it "very important" or "important", whereas 37% considered it "unimportant" or "very unimportant". There is a clear correlation between how important Scots consider the language as a marker of Scottish identity, and their own knowledge of the language. Amongst Scots who claimed a little knowledge of the language but who do not speak it themselves, 67% considered it important or very important to their sense of Scottish identity. Amongst fluent Gaelic speakers, over 92% considered the language to be important or very important to how they see themselves as Scots.

In an encouraging sign for the future of Scotland's Celtic language, those who were less likely to be supportive of the language were disproportionately found amongst the older population. Younger people were most likely to have a positive view of the language.

However knowledge of the language is still confined to a small minority of Scots. Only 13% claimed to have at least some knowledge of Gaelic, but for the vast majority of these this was knowledge of a few words or phrases. Only 2% claimed to be able to read, write, speak or understand the language fully. Knowledge of Gaelic is strongest in the Highlands and Islands, where over a third of the population claim some knowledge, and 21% claim fluency.

Minister for learning and skills Alasdair Allan said: "The Scottish Government has long believed in the importance of Gaelic to our heritage, culture, tourism and economy and this research shows the majority of Scots agree the language has many benefits.

"Such a strong swell of support for Gaelic from across the country, not just in the Gaelic-speaking heartlands, is very encouraging and just reward for the efforts of those who are working hard to ensure it remains a part of modern Scotland.

"The questions specific to education also have interesting results with high levels of support for teaching Gaelic as a subject, and even greater support for the introduction of Scottish studies as a subject."
From Newsnet Scotland
As an independent country Scotland could follow the example of Norway and invest a share of our future oil revenues in a fund to benefit future generations.
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Luke P
Helping with the Count

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gaelic may not be important to a large number of Scots because it has never been part of their ancestral heritage.

A lot of people had a miserable time at school, myself included, but if you are bent on narrowing down and narrowing down the syllabus till it concentrates only on the local, then you are doing a huge disservice to the future generations. You are dumbing them down. Why shouldn't they know about British history? It's highly important! Why shouldn't they know about the world? It's even more important.  You'll end up with a situation like the US, where huge numbers of people could not point to Europe on a map, possibly couldn't point to the USA on a map. Is that what you want for Scottish people?

I'll bet a lot of our NWO masters would love that, hence they're giving people like you their full support!
"Hath He not made us all in one island, compassed with one sea and of itself by nature indivisible?" James VI/I
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the doc.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When I was at school, over 90% of the history and literature we were taught, was English. We knew the date of Bannockburn, 1314, and the Jacobite rebellion, 1745/46, but that was it . Idon't think I ever picked up, or was taught from a book by Stevenson, Buchan, or Scott. At the time, it didn't register, but now, I believe it was a serious omission, and a slap in the face for these great writers!

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